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Separating into A-M, N-Z.Brief list of some pages I'm watching for (not pages I'm actively watching; these pages mostly don't exist yet). The most important of these in my honest opinion - which I feel competent to work on of course - will go gradually to my temp page, I think... e.g. we should not lack a page on Johan Wenzel Kalliwoda spelled somehow, and redirects from other spellings/common uses. (Had a list here of composers important to begin- some of them I've begun, others others have begun. Realize that this should be on the "Requested articles" page...)

Adding help for me on using this page to main page.

Edit: this is obviously also becoming an attempt at a resource page for people who do want to become part of a very informal seeding project - I'm looking for resources, anyway... (GFDL I'd better hope, hence focusing on interwiki) but no longer concentrating on languages I semi-know (French, German).

Another useful resource-

(Some composers chosen - carefully, not randomly - with Gilder-Musicweb as memory-guide) (also for ja: see categories and partial list at

m:ja:クラシック音楽の作曲家一覧 (五十音順) , similarly lists like
m:de:Liste_der_Sinfonien, m:de:Portal:Musik/Jahrestage
m:de:Liste_der_Komponisten_/_K m:da:Klassiske komponister fra det 20. århundrede , m:nl:Lijst_van_componisten m:ro:Lista compozitorilor de muzică clasică: K m:hu:20. századi és mai zeneszerzők listája, m:hu:Romantikus zeneszerzők listája

m:ga:Catagóir:Básanna i 1999 ( = m:en:Category:1999 deaths)

m:ru:Категория:Родившиеся в 1922 году = Category:1922 births. also m:ru:Категория:Композиторы России which is not linked to from Category:Russian composers (the corresponding page).

Next: compare articles- which of these is posted in the most Wikipedian and google post offices...

N-Z moved to Personal watchlist2. (don't save it on server so often, use rtf file when possible)