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Portrait of Viret in Theodore Beza's Icones (1580)

Pierre Viret (1509/1510 – 4 April 1571)[1] was a Swiss Reformed theologian, evangelist and Protestant reformer.

Early life[edit]

Pierre Viret was born in 1509 or 1510 in Orbe, then in the Barony of Vaud, now in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland.[1] He was the son of Guillaume Viret, a tailor and shearer.[1] After attending school in his hometown, Viret studied at the Collège de Montaigu of the University of Paris, where he came in contact with and converted to the Reformed faith.[1] He returned to Orbe in 1531 to escape the persecutions in Paris.[2]


William Farel, a Protestant preacher, called Viret to the ministry when he returned to Orbe. On 6 May 1531, Viret preached his first sermon. His preaching was received with astonishment and acclamation, and many were soon converted to the Reformed Faith, including Viret's parents.[2] He initially preached in Orbe and Grandson, and later in Payerne, Neuchâtel and Geneva[1] before undertaking missionary tours in France, where he preached to crowds of thousands in Paris, Orléans, Avignon, Montauban, and Montpellier. His preaching was sweet and winning, earning him the name of "The Smile of the Reformation."

At one time, he was captured by Catholic forces. Viret was considered one of the most popular French-speaking preachers in the 16th century. Above all he was the reformer of the city of Lausanne, where he converted the local population to the Reformed faith. In his time, Lausanne and Geneva became training grounds for Reformation preachers. Among those who studied in Lausanne was the author of the Belgic Confession, Guy de Brès. While at Lausanne, Viret contributed to the foundation of a school of theology (which would become the University of Lausanne) in 1537, where he worked as a professor.[1] In 1559, along with most of the academic staff, Viret resigned his seat over disagreements with the Bernese authorities and moved to Geneva. He and other relocated professors and students from the Lausanne school soon became the foundation of the Academy of Geneva.[3]

Bas relief of Pierre Viret.

In 1561, Viret moved to Southern France, possibly due to health reasons.[1] After serving as a pastor in Nîmes and Montpellier, he was called to Lyon, in 1563, to preside a synod of the Reformed churches of France.[1] According to Melchior Adam, "in Lyon, preaching out in the open, he brought thousands to saving faith in Jesus Christ."[4]

Expelled from the city two years later, in 1567 he accepted an invitation from Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre, to introduce the Reformation to the Béarn.[1] He died in Bellocq or Orthez in 1571.[1]


Jean-Marc Berthoud suggests that "if his good friend, John Calvin, was the consummate dogmatician and the prince of exegetes, Pierre Viret must be considered as the finest ethicist and the most acute apologist of the sixteenth century."[4] Robert D. Linder notes that "Viret, unlike Calvin, was ready to extend openly the authority of the Bible over the State."[5] Linder concludes that "Viret deserves a far more prominent place in the story of the Reformation than he has been accorded thus far, especially by historians in the English-speaking world."[6]

Translated works[edit]

Viret authored over fifty books,[1] many of which have been translated into English, including:

  • Anchor of the Soul: An Exposition of the Apostles Creed
  • The Catechism of Pierre Viret
  • The Christian and the Magistrate: Roles, Responsibilities, and Jurisdictions
  • Exposition of the Ten Commandments
  • His Glorious Bride
  • Jesus Christ, the Believer's Comfort and Joy
  • Letters of Comfort to the Persecuted Church
  • Marvelous Trinity
  • Simple Exposition of the Christian Faith

Decalogue Commentary Series[edit]

  • No Other God
  • Nothing Like God
  • Taking His Name in Vain
  • Remember the Sabbath Day
  • Honor thy Father and Mother
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: A Plea for Life
  • Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal
  • Defend the Truth
  • Thou Shalt Not Covet


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