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Greetings from Northwest Side[edit]

First of all, Happy Festivus to all. I am really not in the Christmas spirit this year, on account of a series of unfortunate events and the depressing over-commericialization of said holiday. A very Happy Birthday to... Scott W. (Dec. 27), Greg (Dec. 18), Mark P. (Dec. 11), Paul C. (Dec. 14), Steve T. (Dec. 14), Ryan K. (Dec. 29) and Julia O'R (Dec. 29)

The Burinig Bush[edit]

Election ideas, Thoughts or Concerns? Yeah, I have those too. It was a terrible dissapointment to the Democratic Party, and all other liberals, progressives and free thinkers worldwide. Talk to me about what we can do to cope and fight the system.

Looking Forward to...[edit]

One Year Anniversary, May 13th, 2005, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, May 19th, 2005, Graduation, June 2006, Europe, June 2006, College, Fall 2006, New Apple Powerbook of my very own... ????